Let's start!
Well, it is the beginning of the programming lecture of HSP from here at long last.
Though programming seems to be difficult, it is only to write the order written in turn which actually did work with the English word. It doesn't know other language programs. But, it is so with HSP.
Let's learn comfortably without being so hard and thinking.

It is divided into the following part, and it proceeds in this lecture.
It is good when it is advanced with actually confirming an explained example with HSP.
If what it doesn't know comes out, it is important to think by oneself variously and to try it, too.
Memorize it with understanding it little by little.

1. Let's make a directory for the work
2. Let's try to use HSP script editor
3. Very easy script
4. Let's give a command
5. Let's stand a flag on script
6. Is this a launcher?!
7. Let's try to use a variable
8. More advanced condition judgment
9. The way which still lasts

If all of these are read and it is mastered, you are probably already active as a HSP programmer can, too. Then, let's start.