1. Let's make a directory for the work
Let's make the directory to do work by oneself here though it thinks that there is a directory which thawed the system of HSP. When many files are in, because it gets confused.
Make directory by explorer and so on in a place to like it. For example,

It is the place where directory which was done like this and which nothing was in through was made, and a necessary file is copied.It is because there are some files which become necessary to do programming with HSP. Then,
HSED2.EXEThe body of HSP script editor
HSP2.EXEThe body of HSP
These two files are to copy a file on directory made some time ago from there because it is supposed to be able to be done when you thaw the system of HSP. First of all it is OK in this.
Furthermore, incidentally let's copy the image data to use it in this chair, too.
HSP2TTL.JPG/The sample image used for the demonstration of HSP.

Copy this file on new folder which was still made some time ago, too.
Well, preparation for the directory is OK in this. Here, still, preparation grade. Then, next let's try to go.