2. Let's try to use HSP script editor
Let's try to start HSP script editor first. It starts if folder made some time ago by oneself is taken out and it clicks on HSED2.EXE which the icon of the teapot in that is stuck to double.
When it starts HSP script editor (HSED2.EXE).
"HSP script editor(untitled)"

window which a title was stuck to is supposed to appear. So, this is HSP script editor...What is whole script on earth?
script is
the thing of the program.

Really? It isn't understood at all in this. In other words, the thing of the textbook which the order of the work was written in is being called script in the world of HSP. Because meaning is used too widely and the word of the program sometimes becomes complicated.Think that it is the thing of a textbook to use with HSP if you go and say script from now. Well.
It is a document file that is saved by a thing to handle with the tool of the paint brush by a thing to handle for the file saved by the image data if to be an image file stock, a word processor by the document. As for handling it with EXE, it becomes a script file that it is saved with the script.
A HSP script editor is the editor to write a script. In other words the script of a thing to say is the tool which a textbook is written in because it is the thing of the textbook which the order of the work was written in. You may think that they are the old thing of the word processor and the thing like "notepad" attached as the accessories for Windows. Actually, "notepad", operation and a menu model a considerable part, too, and it is made.
There is a menu of the "file" and the "edit" which was in such cases as other application and it was well familiar in the menu bar. Though there is a menu to say, too, the "cursor" which isn't seen, and "HSP" explain that it doesn't pass very much later this.
Right after a HSP script editor was started, it is the condition that a new script can be edited. Therefore, the inside of window is supposed to be white. It becomes the same condition even if the "new preparation" of the "file" menu is chosen. When load and save wears an edited script in the same way as the usual software, the menu of "Open" and "Save" as well is used. But,
HSP script file's extension is .AS

And a menu such as "Edit" and a "Search" doesn't change with the text editor which is often here, either. A range is chosen with the cursor key, and a copy and a cut can be pasted with pushing a mouse or a shift key. A reference and a substitution are to input the character which it wants to substitute, the character which it wants to look up from the text because dialog box which does input comes out.
In other words,
HSP script editor was a mere text editor.

In the precedent, the document of HSP. Even if for example it is HSP.TXT, it is read, and it can be edited. But, the purpose of taking the greater part persistently is to write the script of HSP. Well, then let's decide to write a script to try it at long last.