3.Very easy script
Then, to write a script is actually decided to try it. The time when image data for the sample which has been copied first were useful came here. It is the file of HSP2TTL.JPG. First of all this is to try to make it indicate this though it is the image file of the JPEG form which the title screen of HSP2 was included in.
The "New" of the "File" menu is chosen, and it begins to write it with the HSP script editor from the condition which nothing is.
One line of the beginnings is

picload "HSP2TTL.JPG"
In this, end. What?? Has it already been an end? First of all, try to input this one line first in the thing of the very easy script.
Before inputting it, there are only some attention points. Let's input it first after you push a TAB key and move a cursor to the right only a little. As for this, by one of the promise things of HSP, when TAB is put first, because there is an advantage that script is easy to see later, try to give habit.I Say again,
Let's put TAB first.
Memorize it well. Then, the next of TAB is picload with the small letter.And, the sign of " (Double quote) and HSP2TTL.JPG,And it ends in sign of ".
Well, let's try to happen in this one line at once. "Compile+Exec" in the "HSP" menu is chosen in actually trying to make it carry out script of HSP. This can be short-cut by F5 (function key).
A F5 key is pushed and carried out at once!
After a little space is vacant, new window comes out, and an image appears momentarily, and it is probably that window disappears soon. If, if there is a mistake on one line inputted without being so, the person whom dialog written, "error" came out forgets to copy a necessary file.Again, compare it well, and try to ascertain it.
"But, even if it is right, it is somewhat strange to say that it is right that a screen is indicated only in a moment and it closes soon, too. Did I mistake anything?"Though it may think, therefore it is good.
In other words, the script of HSP is carried out in turn from the work written in the first line, and a window is closed at the end and finished.Therefore, that line is to show the image of "HSP2TTL.JPG". Because it never did after that, it is that it was finished as it is with contents of work.
However, it is troublesome in it.The image show all the way must be seen. So, let's try to change script some time ago as the following this.
picload "HSP2TTL.JPG"
Recently, the line of "stop" was added to that script, and it was two lines. Let's try not to forget to put TAB in front of "stop" in the same way as a short time. Well, try to make it carry out this script again.Push F5. then...
Next time, an image is indicated, and it must have been as it is. So the line of "stop" was stopped so that it could already imagine it because it was added if it came here. Like this, the contents of the movement of HSP, the work can be manipulated according to the thought by the script of HSP. The work of writing this script comes to program with HSP.
HSP has the possibility that it changes for the various application by writing script.You took the first step forward.
If an image is indicated and it confirms that it was as it is, window has already closed, and window of HSP that it was carried out and which came out doesn't care about it. Push "X" mark of close button, or push an alt+F4 key, and close. Then, it is supposed to be returned to HSP script editor again .
Grasp this flow in the point as well because script is written to be the same from now and the pattern of the practice comes out many times.Without closing window after it being carried out, when it is returned to editor, when it was carried out next, new window again is opened freely, and a memory disappears, be careful.
1.Edit script by script editor
2.Push F5 to run
3.An executive result is indicated with window of HSP.
4.Close window of HSP
5.Return to HSP script editor
6.Return to 1

First of all, an image could be show.However, it is to try to proceed further from now still and only to begin through the way of the script.