4.Let's Issue Command

Take a look once again the very easy script wrote before.

picload "HSP2TTL.JPG"
Can you imagine the first line is displaying a graphic file, the 2nd line stops?? In HSP, a command, which is like a word, is written to a script in this way then it is processed in an order from the 1st line.
The words like a "picload" which shows operation is called "command" or "statement". The portion of "HSP2TTL.JPG" is called "parameter". The 2nd line "stop" is one of the commands too. It is organized like follows:
Command(statement) Parameter Meaning
picload file name display graphic file
stop none stop execution
Therefore command "picload" issues "display a picture file" command and parameter "HSP2TTL.JPG" is the file name. There are many commands, which has various function in HSP. The many of them have parameter(s) with a numeric value or a string.
1. command + parameter, specify what kind of operation to do
2. space between command and parameter have to be exist
Keep in mind above. Do not forget to put a space between command and parameter.
picload "HSP2TTL.JPG"

That is right.

pic load "HSP2TTL.JPG"
Those are not right, you will get error.
It is boring only these, let's use more other command and write a script.
Command(statement) Parameter Meaning
cls numeric value 0 through 4 clear screen
mes text string display message
Let's try above commands. The command "cls" is used to clear a screen. The contents of display are cleared. The numeric value of 0 through 4 at a parameter can be specified as clearing color. Zero(0) is white, and four(4) is black. A "mes" is the command to write a message on a screen, which is the character string at the parameter. Let's write such a script using these.
cls 0
mes "Hello, this is HSP"
mes "Bye Bye"
Select "new" of "file" dropdown menu and begin to write from the nothing on the HSP script editor. Erase 2-line script that was written a while ago without hesitation, and let's begin to write it newly.
If the script is typed in, let's push F5 and run it instantly.
Hello, this is HSP
Bye Bye
Did the messages appear on the screen?? If those messages are not appeared, you probably have some typo in somewhere. If those are appeared, try further.
Try to change parameter of the "cls" command to 1, or text string that is displayed by the "mes" command. Although it is able to say in previous "picload" command, a character string or a file name which is specified to a parameter, both ends have to be surrounded by "(double quotation mark). Do not forget this, since this is the rule of HSP,
Now, do you start understanding what HSP script is somehow? But it is only an entrance, still more future to seen.