HSP programming first step guide
onion software/onitama 1996.1997(c)

The document of HSP is divided into the following file. Click on the necessary file, and read it. The one which HSP is used for for the first time is to read HSP2.TXT.
File namecontents
HSP2.HTM HSP system document Installation guide
HSPPROG.HTM Programming manual1 Language specifications guide
HSPREF.HTM Programming manual2 Command reference
A guide to HSP A HSP basic guide for the beginner.(This help)
A concrete instance is given to it about the first step which actually does programming with HSP, and this document"HSP initiation" does a commentary. As for the details such as the way of using the more advanced way of using it, a tool, read HSPPROG.HTM, HSPREF.HTM.